Date of completion:April 2022
Genre:Science Fiction
Running Time:9’
Aspect Ratio:2.35:1
Screening Formats:4K
Sound:5.1 or Stereo
Shot on:Red Helium 8K
Subtitles:English, Chinese
Student Film:NO
First Film:NO


A story of a mother and daughter on a brutal, resource-scarce planet galaxies away. Both struggle for survival in the harshest elements within a punishing new reality. How far will mankind go to forge new roots in an untamed environment? What is left of human nature when civilization is gone?


04, a human female, and her teenage daughter are stranded on Kepler 22-B, 600 light years away from Earth. It is 70 years after the arrival of humans on the barren planet, and the two are the only humans left.

Everything is a struggle in this harsh environment. The pair manage to exchange the girl’s oxygen batteries just in time to keep her from suffocation, but it’s clear that they will need more resources to survive, and they are forced to pursue 04’s Plan B to break into the dilapidated spaceship ruins.

They find their way to the spaceship in the middle of a sandstorm and force their way in. What they find inside will challenge everything they knew as they are forced to confront the harsh truths of survival.


New Air was shot using a revolutionary new production pipeline over 4 days on an LED stage in Hangzhou, China and completed in April 2022. The film was produced entirely using Virtual Production in real-time, with no VFX post-production using only 3 physical props. It was first shown at NAB Show in Las Vegas on April 23, 2022.

There are many great examples of Virtual Production having a heavy hand in the creation of A- list films and series including The Mandalorian, Star Trek, WestWorld and the newly released The Batman to name a few. But for most people, the perception is that Virtual Production can be used only for small portions of a project.

New Air was produced to show that, in fact, Virtual Production can be used to shoot an entire film in a way that is not only more efficient and easy compared to traditional methods, but also demonstrates artistic value. New Air proves that the technology empowers the art of film.


With over 30 years of industry experience, Leo Lee is known as one of the Best 10 advertising directors and creative directors in China, a senior Film & TV VFX expert, animation director, and judge of international film festivals. He was producer and director of China’s first sci-fi animation feature Kunta: The Biggest Little Hero.

Versatile began Virtual Production R&D in 2016, with Leo as its chief architect. Versatile is now the earliest and the only production company in China with a comprehensive virtual production studio with full data inheritance capabilities.

“We purposely chose to make a VFX-heavy Sci-Fi short film, with the intention to prove to the industry that a film can be produced entirely through VP with ease and efficiency.”

-- Leo Lee, Director.


Written and Directed by-Leo Lee
Produced by-Joan Xu
Director of Photography-Marc Ma
Production Designer-Huang Yuan
Virtual Production Designer-Bence Zhao
Edited by-Wang Liyuan
Sound by-Zhang Siqi
(In order of appearance)
Daughter-Léa Le limantour
Mother 04-Elizabeth Turner
AI Warning (voice)-Barbara Wang
Daughter (voiceover)-Myryl Angeline Caccam


Unit Production Manager - Rebecca Cui
Line Producer - Joe Wang
VFX Production Coordinator - Li Yuxia
First Assistant Director - Bai Xuesong
On-Set VP Supervisor - Guo Zhiwei
LED System Control - Zhang Yu,Chen Zihao,Zhou You
On-Set VP Assistant - Cai Chengqiang
Set Designer - Yuan Jiasheng,Wu Yuyan
Gaffer - Zhao Wei
Head of Camera Department - Zhou Xuyang
1st Assistant Camera - Xu Fei
2nd Assistant Camera - Sun Chenghao,Zhou Yue An
Camera Assistant - Zhang Pengxiang,
Gong Junlong,Zhao Jingfei
Key Grip - Shao Shan
Grip Assistant - Huo Jianlong
Best Boy - Zhang Guihua
Recording Assistant - Yu Yang
Property Master - Li Lidong
SFX Propmaster - Zhang Wenxue
Props Assistant - Jin Kaien,Xiong Wei,Lan Chenchun
Painter - Jiang Dan mei
Chief Set Dresser - Zhang Yixiang
Set Dresser Assistant - Li Jiangyu
Lead Set Dresser - Hong Juexian,Li Dezhong
Set Carpenter - Guo Jianfeng,Wu Houkuan,Guo Guipeng
Set Painter - Yu Genxiang
Costume Supervisor - Li Fangyuan
Costumer - Chen Yiwen
Costume Assistant - Lin Luyao
Make-up Artist - Tian Zhen
Data Wrangler - Zhang Hao,Yin Xingyu
Composer - Raven Rossignol
Sound Designer - Haiping Ge
Sound Editor - Cooky Hsu,Fang Haoyan
Foley Artist - Zhong Qianqian
Colorist - Tian Wenyi
Dialogue Consultant - Lei David Chen
Title Design - Huo Shuaiwei
BTS Supervisor - Niu Cong
Camera Operator - Li Mingyue,Cao Qiming
Editor - Zhao Shuang,Li Yuwei
Digital Asset Creation
Versatile Media Assets Center

Previsualization Production
Versatile Media Production Center

Produced entirely on the Versatile Stage using
the Versatile Virtual Production System

Voiceover ADR
FACE Productions

Special Thanks
Xu Qili
http://versatile.media 浙ICP备11016016号-9